World’s Scariest Legends: Mosquito Man

According to Native American folklore, many tribes have legends about man-eating monsters that were turned into mosquitoes, thus continuing to feed on people but in a merely annoying way rather than deadly. The Northwest Coast tribes have some particularly gruesome variants where the original monster, Mosquito Man, thrusts his proboscis into a person’s head and sucks their brains out, often so surreptitiously that the people around him don’t even notice their companion is dead. A 
typical Haida version of such a legend, for example, involves a baby is being passed around at a party when Mosquito Man stealthily sucks its brains out before passing it to the next person, who is horrified to find the child brainless and dead.

A haunting cottage road deep within the British Columbia mountains.

Now, although Mosquito Man, the novel, is vaguely based on the Native American legends, in reality it is much more a domestic thriller. Here’s the blurb: After a woman bangs at the door in the middle of the night, and promptly dies from her injury, a couple’s remote cabin getaway becomes a psychological night of terror as they are hunted by an unknown assailant. Now they must go far beyond what they thought themselves capable of if they hope to save their young children and survive until morning.

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Scariest Places in the World: Mountain of the Dead in Russia

In January 1959, nine Soviet college students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute in Sverdlovsk (now called Yekaterinburg) set out on a skiing expedition to reach Mount Otorten. After being caught in an escalating blizzard on February 2, the group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov, made the call to pitch their tent on the eastern slope of a mountain called Kholat Syakhl, or Mountain of the Dead. In the middle of the night, the students inexplicably sliced open the tent from the inside and fled into the snowstorm, many of them leaving behind their boots and warm clothes. They all died within hours, the reason for their bizarre behavior and deaths remaining a mystery to this day.

It has become known as the Dyatlov Incident.

The Dyatlov team with their ages below their names.

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Scariest Places on Earth: Island of the Dolls in Mexico

Just south of Mexico City exists La Isla de las Munecas, or “Island of the Dolls.” It has become an unlikely tourist attraction over the years, drawing tourists and photographers morbidly fascinated by the spectacle of thousands of dolls hanging limp from nooses or impaled on spikes, their soulless eyes staring blankly ahead. The tragic story behind the island began more than fifty years earlier. According to locals, a man named Don Julian Santana left his wife and child one day and moved to an island on Teshuilo Lake in the famous Xochimilco canals to live out his years as a recluse. Upon arriving at the island, however, he discovered the body of a young girl who had drowned in one of the canals, her doll floating nearby. To appease her spirit, Santana spent the rest of his life transforming the island into a shrine dedicated to her, decorating it with more and more broken and decaying dolls. In a dark twist, in 2001, Santana’s nephew found him dead in a canal–the exact spot where Santana had decades earlier discovered the corpse of the girl.

Kewpie Dolls, Barbie Dolls, and more hang from branches all over this spooky island.

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Scariest Places in the World: Helltown, Ohio, USA

Boston Township in Summit County, Ohio–the locals call it Helltown. Founded in 1806, the township has had more than its fair share of folklore and legends. A crybaby bridge. A giant roaming python. A haunted abattoir. A school bus abandoned in the woods, the driver and young passengers allegedly murdered by an insane killer. The list goes on and on. However, it’s the old church emblazoned with upside-down crosses that’s believed to have inspired the moniker “Helltown.” Some say it’s the place of worship for the Satanists who populate the area, lurking along the closed-off roads, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting visitors.

The End of the World road. It’s been closed down for years.

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