Scariest Places in the World: Helltown, Ohio, USA

Boston Township in Summit County, Ohio–the locals call it Helltown. Founded in 1806, the township has had more than its fair share of folklore and legends. A crybaby bridge. A giant roaming python. A haunted abattoir. A school bus abandoned in the woods, the driver and young passengers allegedly murdered by an insane killer. The list goes on and on. However, it’s the old church emblazoned with upside-down crosses that’s believed to have inspired the moniker “Helltown.” Some say it’s the place of worship for the Satanists who populate the area, lurking along the closed-off roads, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting visitors.

The End of the World road. It’s been closed down for years.

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First off, thanks to those generous enough to offer their time as a beta reader. Your feedback was greatly appreciated!

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Fact: During the night of February 1, 1959, in the remote reaches of Siberia, nine Russian hikers slash open their tent from the inside and flee into a blizzard in subpolar temperatures.

Fact: By morning all are dead, several having suffered gruesome, violent deaths. What happened to them has baffled investigators and researchers to this day.

It has become known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Now, an American true-crime writer seeking answers to the enduring mystery sets out to retrace the hikers’ steps on their fateful expedition. However, nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover…

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Los Angeles, 1985. Never was the motto sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll more apt than the scene on the legendary Sunset Strip with the arrival of the underground Hollywood glam bands.
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